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the new timetable - for whee next storm will arrive. round 1 wasn't so bad, but the worst is yet to come! when the next storm will arrive. >> armed with guns and hammers, the bay area jewelry heist that took 75 seconds to pull off. >> and $7 for a cup of coffee. what's so special? we have team coverage of the storms headed our way. first, paul was tracking
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conditions. >> and right now, high-def doppler is completely dry. nothing within 2 hundred 00 miles of the bay area. tomorrow, whole different story! we'll be rain-free through tomorrow afternoon, so you'll get to work without any rainfall tomorrow morning. tomorrow evening, different story. heavy rainfall begins arriving from the north. and we'll all be sharing in that into friday morning. look at this latest model. all the areas in yellow will receive more than 5 inches of rain between now and saturday afternoon. that's round 2. we've still got one more round to go after that. so lots of colors means lots of rain here in the bay area! total rainfall by sunday, upwards of 9 inches of rain likely in sonoma and marin, and several inches around alameda and santa clara.
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elizabeth cook in the part of the bay area that was the wettest today. >> reporter: i'm in marin county where the area got one 1-2 inch was rain. if we're equating this series of storms to a boxing match, today we took a few hits. but this was just the first round. >> reporter: if you had to get in a car today, chances are your ride looked like this. >> pouring down rain. >> reporter: high winds and downed power lines kept pg&e crews busy. in saratoga, this downed section shut down power for 200 homes. same story in pacifica. seven outages this morning left 1,200 homes and businesses in the dark for hours. >> we're the first guys to get the wind, comes right off of the ocean, so it's more gusty than over the mill or even in san francisco -- over the hill or
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even in san francisco. >> reporter: in san francisco, large pools of water forced public works to shut down a stretch of the great highway. if you were flying out of sfo today, ouch! delays up to three hours! and dozens of arrivals and departures were canceled. in concord people kept their feet to the ground or sand prepping for the next rounds of the storm by loading up on sand bags. >> we have the station here that's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is new for the city. >> reporter: but a rainbow in san jose, signalling round 1 was done. marin county typically gets hit the hardest during a major storm. people who live here right now are bracing for round 2 tomorrow night. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. in tahoe, they got a mix of rain and snow today.
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ski resorts at lake level is above could get several feet of snow when all is said and done. log onto it happened in the blink of an eye. two robbers stormed a bay area jewelry store flashing their guns and swinging their hammers. >> reporter: this surveillance video captured the longest 75 seconds of these employees' lives. >> did you think you were going to die? >> it crosses your mind. i was just waiting for him to shoot me. >> reporter: they didn't want to show their faces on camera but described two men bursting into the store yesterday afternoon. the first robber went right for the safe. the other man went straight for the jewelry case, smashed out the glass with a hammer and scooped
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out more than 150 rings into a trash can he brought with him. you can see a customer refusing the robbers' orders to get down. instead she hovered over the stroller to protect her 2.5 month old infant. >> protecting her child. a mother, a new born. she was -- protecting her child because the glass was flying. >> reporter: employees say the men had several layers of clothing over their body armor and spoke english with deep voices and heavy accents. they were in and out in 1 minute and 15 seconds. >> if they think los gatos is an easy target, they're mistaken. we have an outstanding crew of detectives working on this case. >> reporter: the employees had
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a message. >> you cannot continue doing this by ruining other people's lives, emotionally, physically. but is it worth it? >> reporter: and we are live here at a parking lot just 4 blocks away from the crime scene. this is where police found the getaway car. they think they got into another car and dropped a whole bunch of jewelry on the ground in the process. police say if you saw anything strange or weird, suspicious, give them a call. today a 15-year-old faced a judge, accused in a violent san jose crime spree. he did not enter a plea. he's accused of murder with special circumstances, attempted murder of a peace officer, and other charges. he will be tried as an adult. >> anybody 14 years or older
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who's charged with a crime that faces life in prison or who uses a fireman can be filed on as an adult. >> a crime spree of epic proportion, and i think the da had no choice but to treat him as an adult. >> police say his partner in crime is 26-year-old jonathan willbanks. the two are accused of four armed robberies and killing this man while trying to steal his car, then trying to kill the officer who was about to pull them over. the mother of a bay area teenager is begging anyone who knows anything about her daughter's murder to police come forward. the 16-year-old and her 15-year-old best friend were killed in a flurry of bullets this weekend. kristen talked to the mother tonight. >> reporter: tonight, it's quiet on this block. a flicker of candlelight the only sign
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that something terrible happened here. >> these girls did not deserve this. >> reporter: the girls were friends. no one knows what they were doing here in east oakland early sunday, but just before 6:00 am, bursts of gun fire, round after round unloaded, hitting the girls and nearby cars. a friend said neighbors comforted the teens as they laid dying. >> covering them with blankets to make sure they were okay. [ crying ] >> holding her hand, until the paramedics got here. >> she was my best friend. >> reporter: her mother was still grieving her son's suicide which happened a few months ago when she found out her daughter was murdered this weekend. bobby left home saturday night and lied about where she was going. >> i wonder why she lied to me.
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>> if you have children out there, at least you know where they're at. >> reporter: police are still searching for answers in this case. they do not have any suspect, and they're asking the public for help that could lead to an arrest. the girls' family say finding the killers could be their only chance for closure. one of the men involved in an infamous california kidnapping will not be getting out of prison anytime soon. 61-year-old fred woods was denied parole today for the 13th time. in 1976, he and brothers richard and james hijacked a school bus and then buried the 26 students and their driver in a van at a life livermore -- livermore quarry. >> i remember being the last one out of that van, and it was
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terrifying to me. and i looked down at the hole and i said go in there, and i said no, and they said if you don't go in there, you'll never see your mom and dad again. >> they still are a threat to me. i relive those moments and they are heightened. i feel more scared now. >> all three kidnappers received life sentences. richard was released on parole in june. he now lives with his mother in mountain view. his brother is still behind bars. they're accused of plotting unspeakable terrorist acts against the united states. but soon dozens of guantanamo bay detainees could be headed here to stay. a government report concludes it's not a bad idea. >> it could mean the beginning. the end for gu guantanamo bay. diane feinstein asked for a study four years ago and got the report this month.
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>> reporter: 166 detainees could be housed safely in american prisons, according to a federal report released today. senator feinstein concludes that president obama's controversial plan to move detainees to the u.s. could work. she says 373 people charged or convicted of terrorism are already held in u.s. facilities without security problems. and the reporticize the defense diameter -- the report says the defense department has room for more. >> guantanamo is a real stain on our country's image abroad. >> reporter: he's been to guantanamo and interviewed dozens of inmates. moving the detainees could make a difference. >> there'll be a lot more human rights groups and liberties groups pushing to have a trial or release, and i think it'll be stronger in america. and that could make the difference in finally these men will get a trial.
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>> i think americans would be on edge. >> reporter: some say the prospect of bringing terrorist into the u.s. pours salt into deep wounds. >> it's still fresh, even though it's been year, and to have them living on the same soil, it's just uncomfortable. and i think it's unfair to americans. >> reporter: the report says detainees could be held in six department facilities that are only half full. and the centers would have to be modified first to improve security. running from new york city to san francisco. the incredible journey that 8 million people are following. why it's really a story of friendship that listens on. >> the new coffee that starbucks thinks you're going to pay $7 for. >> and a $580 million jackpot up for grabs tonight. when california is going to get in on the action.
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with lung cancer has inspira unique journey.. from new y, to san francisco. cbs 5's dr. kim mulvihill hs of a lifelong a bay area athlete's battle with lung cancer has inspired a unique journey. >> a lifelong friendship and the spectacular finish and honor of that friendship that's just days away. >> reporter: joe costello was just 22 when she died from lung cancer in 2010. it's how she lived that lives on. >> i do think that last year of jo's life although it was her most difficult and challenging, in many ways it could be the
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best year of her life. she did so many wonderful, amazing things and lived life to its fullest. >> reporter: best friends since kindergarten in san francisco,. >> i'm using my lungs to run from new york city to san francisco. >> reporter: the 24-year-old harvard grad is spreading a simple message: anyone can get lung cancer, even nonsmokers like jill. >> the reason i'm doing this is for jill is because i have that drive. >> reporter: kelsey took off from times square on july 30th and has spent 4 months on the road. at the wheel, sidney ford who road crew with jill at cal. >> that's probably the thing that i miss the most, having that person always telling you you can do this. >> reporter: when jill lost her hair to chemo, she was by her
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side. >> i said how about i cut off 8 inches of mine and we can do it together? >> reporter: now she's here, cheering kelsey on. >> one more for the road. >> reporter: it's another day. on another day. with another 30 miles to go. >> reporter: each step brings her closer to her goal and home. >> i have had faith in you from the day you were born that something was going to challenge you, and that you would carry on with it. >> i'm proud to be your mother. >> reporter: jill 's parents are also proud. >> so jill, she had incredible friends, and i think part of it was that she saw greatness in her friends. and i think that she felt it and she believed in them, so they believed in themselves, and they're living up to it. >> i think it's just incredible
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that a young person would take the time out of her life to do something like that. >> reporter: and as for kelsey? >> i would thank her. i think this was her gift to me. [ crying ] >> and just tell her i miss her. i hope we're making her proud. >> reporter: kelsey is set to cross the golden gate bridge this saturday, december 1st, on jill's 25th birthday. she'll be joined in her last lap by at least 100 runners, escorted by the san francisco fire department, and welcomed home with a fire boat water display. starbucks is smiling tonight. they just rolled out their most extensive cup of coffee ever. the new brew made from rare costa rican beans retails for $7 a cup. that's
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for the grande. $6, you can skimp and get the tall. >> is that something that you would buy? >> not at all. >> this is a dollar 75. just a regular american o. and it's fine. >> i love the americano. it's only available at a few dozen stores in the pacific northwest. they plan to take it nationwide by the end of the year. [ laughter ] >> not doing that? >> no! >> fundament if you won the lotto, you could buy that coffee! [ laughter ] >> you could have it for a week. [ laughter ] >> the numbers for tonight's record powerball jackpot have been drawn. now we get to wait and see if there are any winners. everywhere but california. people have been on the ticket buying spree. tickets were buying at a rate of 130,000 a minute. california though may soon get in on the
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action. lottery commission votes tomorrow on whether to join powerball. so we could all get that coffee. >> map here's what we have going on. it's going to be chilly and wet over the next couple days. a gorgeous picture here. great shot. yes, we live in my opinion now the most beautiful part of the country. which will be very soggy starting tomorrow! right now completely dry. by sunday, san rafael 5-9 cinches of rain, oakland 3 inches for you. and for the south bay, snow in the mountains. 1-2 feet of snow as soon as friday. but the snow level is high, up to
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7,000 feet. and a flood alert, not including the bay area yet, but as close as mendocino county. and likely a flash flood watch will be issued for the bay area at some time tomorrow. this is the steering mechanism, there's all that tropical moisture out there. and all of it is heading to northern california and right here to the bay area. a prolonged period of heavy rainfall will begin tomorrow evening moving from north to south. and then it's going to stay here for a while. so small stream flooding is likely. urban or street flooding, that is also likely. river flooding is not likely. and the reason why? it's november. the rivers haven't risen that much. they're so low, they likely will be able to take this much rain.
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highs in the mid-60s. the heavier rain moves in tomorrow night, here raul the way through sunday -- all wait through sunday. then we dry up monday to wednesday of next week.
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airline ticket? cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman shows us: soon you'll be rancisco to l say you don't want to spend a fortune on gas or an airline ticket. >> you can get from san francisco to la for less than the price of a pack of gum soon! >> how about a transit service ready to take you there for a buck? >> it's all about us trying to make bus travel sexy again. >> reporter: wants to be your partner. >> we make it sexy with these brand-new style of vehicles. double-deckers, power outlets, wi-fi, sit in comfort, travel long-distance express. >> reporter: they'll try to make a buck charging only a buck! that's the cheapest price. otherwise most seats range from $5 to $9. they hope to make money packing the buses.
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>> we can't all be flying 1st class, or even driving. >> reporter: lori figures students, young professionals, and anyone else hoping to save some money will be among the passengers. but isn't this the same company that tried and failed to establish itself here several years ago? >> when they were here before, i don't believe they had the double-decker buses, and they also didn't have wi-fi. >> reporter: service starts december 12th. first week, all seats, a buck. should bare bonds be inducted into the hall of fame?
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oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter!
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actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue.
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week. " " jim harbaugh entered the 49ers quarterback controversy for this week. >> cal kaepernick will start this week against the rams. i feel sometimes like i stand up here and talk to you, and i could read your eyes, maybe you think i'm holding back, i'm not giving you something. i've given you everything that's there. >> the numbers, kaepernick's sample size is smaller. but it's hard to argue one way or the other. completion percentage, quarterback ratings, principally identical. rolando mcclaine says he's been cut by the team. he missed practice for what they call the team issue. but he said
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"officially no longer an oakland raider. just waiting on my papers." it's been five years since barry bonds left baseball. today he was officially placed on the hall of fame ballot. at 10.
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